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The Big FOUR OH!

The big FOUR OH! Over the Hill! How is this possible? You see, Jessica is my oldest friend! I mean, she's the friend I've had the LONGEST.. yeah, that. I remember when we first met and I wasn't even 21. Before we had kids, when we used to get together every Thursday to cook and watch Friends, when I made my guacamole with too much lime- when I had to use a fake ID (lol), when we would party all night and sleep at the pool all day, before we were "grown ups". Forty seemed forever away. When she told me she wanted to do something fun for her 40th, we started planning immediately for a cake smash. But a classy one... a grown up one, one that included champagne. This was an occasion for celebration, not sadness!

I've always thought age was just a number and I know that we don't FEEL 40 (or.. almost 40 in my case, just saying haha). Sure, there are times we can feel old. Have you walked into an American Eagle lately? Old. Have you ever been 35 and pregnant? Old. Been clubbing recently? OLD. I think the hardest part about growing "old" is watching your children grow up on you. Well, that and having a hangover.

Here are some photos from the time my best friend turned 40.

Forty AF.

Forty and Fab.

More Fun Than Two Twenty Year Olds...

All the things.

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