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Timeless posing for newborn photography

So, you've scheduled newborn photos and have been asked if there are any specific images/poses that you're hoping for- but you haven't really put much thought to which poses you want (WHAT?!?! they have names?!?What's a froggy?!). One thing that's certain: you want to capture all of that sweet newborn yumminess. If you give me free rein on posing, these-or some variation, are the ones I think highlight your newborns "newness" the most.

My 7 most favorite poses (if you make me pick, I really do love them all.)

Simple, classic, timeless. The focus is on what really matters.

1. Eggwrap. It may be surprising that this is my absolute favorite pose of all time. I often start my sessions with Froggy (#2 below) and while I love that pose so much, I think there is something so timeless and elegant about this back lying pose. One of my favorite things is how versatile it is. It can be done with babies who are awake, babies who aren't as flexible (older newborns), it can be done wrapped on a blanket or in a prop or in an outfit, with a pillow, with a sleepy cap or bonnet, the possibilities are endless!

2. Froggy. Here it is, what you were probably expecting at number one. This is my most requested pose. What's not to love? Little piggies, squishy cheeks, a little head tilt. It's just so stinking cute. I normally start all of my babies in this pose and since it requires the most handling, it gives me a chance to see how touchy they are. Froggy is BEST when babies are asleep, but if they are chill, you can get a sweet, open eyed froggy. Most settle right into this pose as they have just spent 9 months in a belly all folded up, but if they seem uncomfortable or like they don't like it, we don't force it. I have found that breech babies REALLY love this.

Also important to note is that this pose is done as a composite and hands are on baby at all times.

3. Forward facing. This is such a sweet pose! It can be done on a blanket or in a prop, with a felt lovey or without. It's an easy transition from Froggy. For me, it's the little foot that you can see, it just melts me. Most babies are fine with this pose unless they have any shoulder issues from birth or they have an upset tummy. It's simple and timeless. Again, usually it's best if baby is sleeping during posing (especially when posing in a bucket), but if they are awake and chill, we will go with it!

4. Bum up. I love this because it really accentuates those little back rolls! There are a few variations I like to do but I love seeing those little toes peeking out! Sometimes babies prefer to hide their toes and that's ok too, haha! They are the boss and they dictate how the poses go. This can also be so cute in a prop like a bed, but I really try to keep the props to a minimum so the baby is the star of the show.

5. Side laying. Ooooooof, how adorable is this? I especially love shooting this from above. They just look so snugly and cozy, not a care in the world! What's funny is that all of these poses look so "simple" when in fact, they take a while to settle into, perfect, shoot, make adjustments, settle again, take a snack break and repeat! You can expect a newborn session to be anywhere from 2-4 hours. (yep, hours...)

6. Parent/Siblings. This may very well be your very first family portrait! I encourage you to please, please get in the photos, parents! I know you probably haven't slept since the baby was born (maybe before, those last few weeks of pregnancy can be brutal, too!) and you don't feel like yourself. You're in that odd in-between stage where you don't fit into your maternity OR your pre pregnancy clothes.. I know you probably haven't had a chance to get your nails or your hair done. Don't worry about all that. Your kids won't care. We can remove dark circles, we can hide the arm that you're self conscious about. But they will want to see you in the photos. They will love to look back and see how small they look in their dad's hands and how proud and beautiful you look in the middle of this newborn chaos.

Get in the photos. You won't regret it. They are only this small once. Parents and siblings are welcome to be photographed in ANY session with me, these memories are just too important.

7. The details and expressions. What can I say, I'm a sucker for details. If you've ever worked with me for any type of session, you have seen your fair share of curls, toes, eye lashes... I feel like this stage is such a blur and it's SO CHALLENGING, I found myself wondering as a new mom how something that did absolutely nothing could make it so hard for me to do anything! The sleepless nights, the stress of feeling like you don't know what you're doing, the guilt that you're holding them too much/not enough, that you're not paying enough attention to your other kids or your spouse.. Feeling like you're in survival mode. It all adds up to make these tiny details easy to forget.

These types of images make THE BEST collages, I suggest letting me create a story board for these, they come framed and ready to hang in your hallway or in the nursery as a constant reminder of all of the little things that are really the big things .

So there ya go. If you MAKE me pick my favorite poses, these would be them.

If you're in the market for a newborn photographer, look through their work and see what type of images they are creating and what type of posing they do. Some focus on posing like this, some do more wrapped poses in props, some are more lifestyle. Make sure it's a good match to your vision and what you're drawn to. On occasion I have had to let potential clients know that we are not a good creative match and refer them elsewhere when they want things I just don't do or they want a type of editing that isn't consistent with my portolio. It's never easy but it's best to know ahead of time so that no one is left feeling resentful since we know that these photos can be quite a significant investment. When everyone is on the same page is when the magic really happens.


Froggy is a composite. (Hands on baby at all times.)

Newborn sessions are looooong. (I provide lots of snacks and drinks, bring some if your photographer doesn't!)

GET IN THE PHOTOS. (Trust me, just do it.)

And, don't forget the details. (Don't just keep them on your computer either! PRINT them to enjoy that baby mullet ever time you walk down the hall or into baby's room)

Until next time, guys! Will it be in a month or in three years?!? Your guess is as good as mine!


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