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Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned photographer who is ready to take your images to the next level, this is for you! Learn how to get it right in camera and start loving the work you are producing. I'll go over camera settings, lighting, styling, wrapping, editing and my seamless workflow that allows you to move from pose to pose while disturbing the baby the least. 

Lunch is included both days, we will be working with live newborn models so please reschedule if you're ill. 

  • One full day of observing workflow and editing

  • One full day of observation and editing followed by one half day of h...

  • Bring a friend or I will find one for you! One full day of observation...

    $1200 / each
  • Bring a friend or I'll find you one ! One day of observation and editi...

    $1500 / each


You must have your own camera and be familiar with manual settings. Either a 35 or 50mm lens. You're welcome to bring your laptop for editing and should have knowledge of LR and PS. You will be able to use the images for your portfolio with the mention of Tina Jones Photography. Mentoring is fully customizable so be sure to let me know your areas of concern and where you need improvement. 

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